Does the blogosphere REALLY need another sports media monitor website? The answer is YES!!! Despite a number bloggers already providing intelligent, thought-provoking, critical and socially responsible analyses of our mainstream sports media, the sum total of these efforts are still David to mainstream sports media's Goliath. To those sites who have long been in the trenches, COSELLOUT is always ready to set some picks, tap in some put-backs, and grab some key boards. COSELLOUT embraces all other like-minded blogs as partners in a common cause.   

COSELLOUT’s name pays homage to the late great sports journalist Howard Cosell who is undoubtedly turning over and over and over in his grave. Of course, Cosell was quite the controversial figure himself, and even the forerunner of today's celebrity broadcaster who have advanced his showmanship but not his substance. Concurrence with all of Cosell’s positions is completely irrelevant to understanding the man’s true legacy. Whether we agree with his then-wildly-unpopular stance of speaking out for Muhammad Ali’s constitutional rights in the 1960’s, or disagree with his then-and-now unpopular stance of banning boxing in the 1980’s, one thing could always be counted on by Mr. Cosell: An unquestionable, sincere, and genuine commitment to truth in sports reporting. Although he mastered his journalistic art-form at its highest level, his integrity may have been his single greatest credential. COSELLOUT strives to match his integrity.  

What Happened to Sports Journalism? Due to corporate consolidation (see 1996 Telecommunications Act), the explosion of 24 hour sports news cycles, individual careerism by-any-means-necessary, and personal/institutional biases, the sports journalism field has been in rapid decline for some time.  COSELLOUT aims to expose individual "Cosellouts" and institutions who sell their souls to the highest advertiser. Since the sports media monopoly known as ESPN has become the Fox News of Sports, we will often start there. COSELLOUT also aims to shine a light on those institutions (see HBO Sports) and journalists who are credits to their profession. Simply put: COSELLOUT's mission is to "tell it like it is" when the mainstream sports media won't.



It's primary author, "MODI" can be contacted at: modi (at) cosellout (dot) com




 Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)Cite This Source
co·sell·out   /koh-sel-out/ Pronunciation Key – –noun


an act or instance of selling out.



Informal. a sports journalist who betrays their cause, organization, or the like; traitor.



Informal. a sports journalist who compromises his or her personal values, integrity, talent, or the like, for money or personal advancement.



 MORE INFO for the Uninitiated:

  • “Cosellout” in lowercase = above definition.

  • “COSELLOUT” in CAPS = Name of this website.

  • “Cosellout” Examples: Jay Mariotti, Rick Reilly, Skip Bayless, Jason Whitlock,  Mitch Albom, etc. (Too bad about Albom - because Tuesday’s with Morrie was a great book!)

  •  How to become a “Cosellout”: One must put together a consistent record or portfolio of blatant bias, sensationalism, careerism, or blowhardism. Since we all have off days the ”Cosellout” label must be earned beyond one, two, or three bad or biased articles or reports.


  • Cosellout Redemption? Any “Cosellout” has it within their power to shed their label over time by coming back over to the responsible side of sports journalism. Unlike the common treatment of athletes, COSELLOUT won’t hold long-time grudges against any journalist who finally decides to enhance their profession by being “part of the solution”. 
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